Fair Park Solar Farm

Mitchell, Cornwall
Project status:


Installed solar capacity (megawatts)


Homes powered per year (equivalent)


Biodiversity net gain


Acres of land

Our proposal

Helping to resolve the UK’s energy crisis and accelerating the transition to Net Zero through a new renewable energy development in Cornwall.

Downing is developing a new 49.9MW solar and co-located battery storage project near Mitchell, Cornwall.

Fair Park Solar Farm will produce enough renewable energy to power up to 12,000 homes annually. The project will make a direct contribution to the UK’s Net Zero goals. Transitioning to a renewable energy generation system should mean cheaper energy bills for the U.K. consumer, and solar power is one of the cheapest sources of renewable energy.

Site layout

Our initial site plans are outlined below. A campaign of further ecological, environmental and heritage surveys will help shape the initial design.

Creating a sustainable future

As well as being renewable and low carbon, solar power is one of the cheapest forms of energy for the U.K. A fivefold increase in installed solar capacity is needed by 2050 according to the Government’s Energy Security Strategy (2022) and projects such as Fair Park Solar will help the U.K. accelerate the transition to Net Zero.

We have a long-term vision for Fair Park Solar Park which helps to address the UK’s energy crisis, provides a substantial biodiversity net gain and supports farmers, local agriculture and the local community.

Forming a strong relationship with the community that we serve is important to us and we are continually exploring ways we can better support local initiatives. We value your feedback and try to reflect it in the way the project is designed, like the inclusion of permissive pathways and the retention and creation of wildlife habitats. If you do have any thoughts on how we can improve our proposals, please do get in touch here.

Our commitment

We carefully evaluate the impact our developments will have on local habitats, plants and animals to develop a long-term plan that can deliver at least a 10% improvement in biodiversity.

We install Bee Hotels that provide one of the most recognisable ecosystem services, pollination, which is what makes food production possible. Log piles are another way we support a wide range of wildlife, including moss, fungi, insects and small mammals.

Planting wildflowers provide bees, butterflies and other pollinators with food sources. Installing bird and bat boxes and encouraging sheep to help graze the land are other ways we promote positive biodiversity.

Community benefits

Downing is committed to making a positive contribution in your local community:

Domestic solar installations

Two free domestic rooftop solar installations per year for residents in each Parish Council*.

*up to a value of £5,000 per installation.

No maintenance cost

All installations will be maintained at no cost to the resident for the duration of the planning consent.

Helping those in need

Initial installations will be offered to households with the greatest need (e.g. those in receipt of winter fuel allowances).

One-off community payment

A further £1,000/MW one-off payment when construction starts to be used by each Parish Council to support local community projects.

We are currently undertaking initial design, site surveys and planning works for a solar park/BESS in this location Further information will be provided as the initial phases of the project develops.
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