Funded commercial solar PV

Power Purchase Agreements

Did you know that Downing funds commercial rooftop solar projects using our Power Purchase Agreement model? This helps our customers achieve their net zero goals without up-front costs

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Preserving business capital

What is Power Purchase Agreement?

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a long-term agreement between an energy generator (such as Downing) and a consumer for the purchase of energy. For our funded commercial rooftop solutions, Downing will fund the entire solar photovoltaic (PV) system including all equipment and installation allowing your business to benefit from on-site fixed-price green energy whilst preserving your business capital.

Commercial considerations

Funded commercial-rooftop benefits

No upfront costs means that opting for a power purchase agreement could generate savings for your business from day one, with these benefits continuing for the full length of the agreement. Once the agreed term ends, ownership of the system transfers to you at no cost and your business can enjoy free solar electricity for the remaining life of the system (c.10 years).

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Simple, transparent and hassle-free

How a commercial rooftop Power Purchase Agreement works

1. Assess

We assess the potential of your roof and gather data regarding your current electricity usage and pricing.

2. Proposal

We provide you with a proposal demonstrating the potential financial savings compared to your current agreement and carbon reduction forecasts.

3. Lease Agreement

You agree to lease the airspace above your roof to allow us to install and operate the installation.

4. Installation

We install the solar PV system with minimal disruption to your business.

5. Operation

You enjoy fixed-price electricity bills for 25 years with no maintenance or ongoing operational costs.

6. Ownership

At the end of the term, ownership of the system transfers to you to enjoy free solar PV electricity for the remainder of the system life.


Energy price protection

Our Power Purchase Agreements are inflated in line with the Consumer Price Index and so our clients are protected from long term energy price increases and volatility. We install your solar at zero capital cost to you and you pay for the power consumed at prices locked in for the term of the agreement.

ESG benefits

A positive message

Installing on-site renewable generation is not only a good financial decision it is a way for your business to send a positive message about it’s commitment to fight climate change and a transition to net zero.

Green tick

Technology that brings you closer to zero carbon

Green tick

Long-term financial planning with locked-in rates

Green tick

Expert advice and project management

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Potential savings with flexible terms

Green tick

Single point of contact with full transparency

Green tick

Partner with an established investment company and renewable energy developer

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Why partner with Downing?

Self funded
Downing PPA solution
Who is responsible for the operation, maintenance, parts-replacement and monitoring?
Who pays for the operation, maintenance, parts-replacement and monitoring?
Who takes the risk on the system performance?
Who takes on the installation cost?
Who’s balance sheet is the debt on?

Power Purchase Agreements FAQs

Is our roof suitable for solar panels?
How will the project construction affect our business?
What happens if the solar PV system breaks down or develops a fault?
What happens if we move or sell our property?
What happens when there is no sunlight?
How are solar panels fixed to my roof? Will they cause damage?
What happens at the end of the fixed PPA term?
Do I need to wait until my existing energy contract ends before switching?
How long does a PPA last?
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