Maximise the potential of your land with Downing

Downing has significant experience of owning and operating renewable energy assets. With in-house land and asset management teams we are well equipped to maximise the ongoing value of your land with a renewable energy opportunity.

Maximise your land’s income potential

Diversifying your land through renewable energy development could provide a long-term sustainable revenue stream whilst promoting ethical land use.

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Six benefits of partnering with Downing

Improve the biodiversity of your land

Biodiversity improvement underpins our renewable developments. We work on a site-by-site basis to implement the most appropriate strategy to improve the land’s biodiversity.

Significant investment experience

Throughout development, construction and long-term operation of a project you will be backed by an established fund with a long-term ESG-focused investment strategy.

Large, dedicated team

Significant team experience within the renewables industry across development, construction and management of renewable energy assets.

Ethical and responsible use of your land

Strong agricultural experience within the development team that understands the unique challenges that farming faces.

Ongoing partnerships

Downing has the in-house capability to develop, construct and operate renewable energy assets providing you with piece of mind that we will be committed to building a long-term partnership.

Long-term financial returns

Long-term index linked market rate commercial terms paid and associated costs covered. Renewable energy also provides an excellent way of diversifying your land income.

Our commitment to your land

We’re committed to making positive and ethical decisions to improve and protect the biodiversity of your land

We always aim for ethical land use that helps to achieve national net zero goals and fight climate change. Biodiversity net gain is a measure of a sites positive ecological impact, which is a key factor in the development of our projects.

Our development process

Stage 1

  • Grid connection enquiry: is a connection possible?
  • Initial site feasibility: evaluate site constraints – land grade, environmental, planning, etc
  • Initial landowner contact: we will only contact landowners if the above feasibility is positive

Stage 2

  • Site visit: it’s important for us to meet the landowners we work with at the early stages of development. To take in their views and opinions on how their land will be used to then create and maintain a positive relationship throughout the timeline of the project
  • Agree Heads of Terms
  • Submit a full grid connection application
  • Detailed site feasibility: in preparation for submitting a planning application

Stage 3

  • Sign an option to lease agreement
  • Submit a full planning application to the local authority
  • Local engagement: meetings with public and local councils
  • Receive final planning decision

Progress to entering the lease and construction (in accordance with grid connection timescales)

Single point of contact

Partnership approach

Another key benefit of partnering with Downing is our significant in-house capabilities. Within Downing, we will develop, construct and operate the asset for the entirety of its lifecycle. This means that you will work with the same company throughout development, construction and long term operation.